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About Us

Webtech Softwares & Services Ltd is an India based Software Product Development company.

After analyzing the various problems faced by small and medium service providers globally, we felt that a tool is essentially required which would enable service providers to become more efficient by having access to key business information at the right time. Furthermore, one cannot buy different products for managing different business aspects. Hence we have tried to develop a complete solution that encompasses most aspects of the service providing business.

We are constantly researching in order to value-add to our current offering. Your feedback in this regard is important to us as it would enable us to upgrade our product to a much more powerful level.

The pricing for the product was a difficult decision for us, as our goal was to make it affordable for everyone whether he be a individual freelancer or a medium sized company. After gathering feedback from several companies and individuals, we decided to price it at such levels at which our target community could buy it without putting too much strain on their finances. Also, we decided to dispense with irritating and tricky issues like per user licensing, subscriptions and charging for support. Hence we arrived at the nominal price of US$ 99.95 per product. This includes free life time support for the product and free updates in the future.

I sincerely hope our endeavor meets with the enthusiasm that we expect from our prospective "partners-in-success" aka our valued customers.

If you feel like dropping a word or two about the product, feel free to write to me directly at

Wishing you all the best...

Amit Khemka

Webtech Softwares & Services Ltd.

"Very nice work, developing Service Desktop Pro ... I really appreciate your handy work. When I found Service Desktop Pro, I downloaded the software to check out it's functionality and on the same day I registered. I also removed my existing software which cost twice as much, an immediately replaced it with Service Desktop Pro. As a startup computer service company, Service Desktop Pro really fits my needs perfectly. "

Terry Scott Eubanks, Onsite PC Rx
Latest News

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Webtech Softwares ties up with UAE based Evolution Technologies to distribute and sell Service Desktop Pro in the UAE.


Webtech Softwares joins hands with US based Pfuma Inc. d.b.a. Income Mechanic to provide business operation and automation solutions to home based, small and medium size businesses and consultants.


Service Desktop Pro now has hundreds of satisfied customers in over 15 countries.


We welcome our new partner - IdeasPlus from Bharuch, Gujarat, India. Our prospective clients from this region are requested to contact our partner for product related queries.

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