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Need of an expense management software:

As with revenues, expenses are an integral part of business. Tracking and control over expenses is vital in order to ensure sustainable returns on investment. A clear cut expense tracking mechanism helps in decisions relating to project costing and resource utilization. It is very difficult to keep track of day to day general and project based expenses. Most accounting systems have complicated and time consuming methods of expense recording & allocation. Also, project related expenses are difficult to track with out a project management system in place. A simpler but useful approach can be to create pre-defined expense heads or accounts and quickly allocate expenses to such accounts when required.

Also, there will be expenses that are cost to a company like salaries, electricity bills etc and there will be expenses that are incurred on projects on behalf of the clients. Such expenses are reimbursable by clients but they have to be presented with a concise expense statement. It is easy to jumble up billable and non-billable expenses by conventional methods.

Hence, it is highly desirable to have an expense management software in place in order to appropriately allocate and manage various types of business and personal expenses.

expense management software functions:

Service Desktop Pro’s expense management software module allows you to quickly setup expense accounts and record expenses in a jiffy. Understanding the above problems, it enables you to record billable and non-billable expenses separately and to allocate expenses to their respective accounts. Billable expenses are those which would be reimbursed by the customers, whereas non-billable expenses are actual expenses incurred on projects and general business management. Expenses can be raised against contacts, projects and in general. Click the images below to enlarge.

Expense Management Software Module Features:
expense groups software Expense Groups : Create and manage various expense groups under which you prefer to record expenses.
billable expenses software Billable Expenses : Record billable expenses and allocate them to projects and clients, which later reflect in your invoices to your clients.
general expenses software General Expenses : Record general business expenses and allocate them to appropriate expense groups.
expense management software Search : Pro-actively search general and billable expenses on multiple search criteria.

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Terry Scott Eubanks, Onsite PC Rx
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