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You must be visiting several websites every day and many of these websites require you to register to view their content. Also, essential services like web based email, online communities, newsgroups all require you to sign up with your credentials.

Apart from this, most freelance websites ask you to register in order to bid for projects and some of these sites charge you a recurring fee for their services in the form of subscription. Also, several other web resources demand free or paid subscriptions.

It is nearly impossible to remember all this information manually and often results in time wastage in information retrieval. Also, subscription expiry dates have to be remembered and timely action taken upon them. A central repository of subscription and login information is highly desirable through which information can easily be mined on demand.

Service Desktop Pro’s password management software modules enables you to store and track website subscription information for both paid and fee websites, lets you set reminders on subscription expiry deadlines, lets you enter payment details and date for paid subscriptions and keeps all your online login information and passwords in one place.

This largely helps in calculating expenses and easy access to all web resources without bothering to remember the relevant login information. Click the images below to enlarge.

Subscription Management Software Module Features:
subscriptions management software Subscriptions : Easily store your login and subscription information for various online and offline resources.
subscriptions reminder software Reminders : Manage your paid / free subscription packages on various online and offline resources and set reminders on subscription expiry dates.
passwords management software Search : Pro-actively search subscriptions, passwords and login information based on multiple search criteria.

"Very nice work, developing Service Desktop Pro ... I really appreciate your handy work. When I found Service Desktop Pro, I downloaded the software to check out it's functionality and on the same day I registered. I also removed my existing software which cost twice as much, an immediately replaced it with Service Desktop Pro. As a startup computer service company, Service Desktop Pro really fits my needs perfectly. "

Terry Scott Eubanks, Onsite PC Rx
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