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In today’s fast moving world, it is very difficult to manually remember schedules and planned activities. Proposals have to be sent, appointments have to be kept, presentations have to be made and a lot more to do. An intelligent scheduling software system is highly desirable that organizes all scheduled activities and generates reminders for timely action. Also, a synopsis of the day’s scheduled activities early in the day can ensure efficient utilization of time. After all, as they say – Time is Money !!!

scheduling software functions:

SD Pro's scheduling software module lets you set appointments on various activities like meetings, project presentations and other events. Appointments can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you can schedule your time well in advance through a graphical calendar. Our scheduling software enables you to stay on top of your daily, weekly and monthly commitments. An intelligent calendar displays your various planned activities in a concise and simple manner. So, stop scribbling schedules on pieces of paper and start planning your time schedules intelligently and pro-actively.

An intelligent reminder service reminds you of approaching events, and the actions to be taken upon them and also allows you to add your favorite audio file as the alarm signal. What more, you can set recurring reminders. Detailed ‘to-do’ lists can also be viewed and printed as required. Dynamic and interactive search features make searching for appointments and events extremely convenient.

Our scheduling software lets you share time schedules with other users in your company network and efficiently reminds you well in advance on all your planned activities. In fact many of our valued customers say that its so easy to use the scheduling software that they managed to master it without even once referring to the help file. Click the images below to enlarge.

Scheduling Software Module Features:
appointment software Schedule Events: Schedule detailed appointments, assign people to appointments, attach necessary digital documents, set reminders and create notes on schedules. Associate appointment schedules with projects and tasks.
calendar software Calendar : View daily, weekly and monthly appointments. Set appointment for an hour, day or week with a click. Crisp graphical interface clearly displays due and past schedules separately.
to do list software To-Do Lists : View detailed to-do list for yourself and your team members.
activity scheduling software Search : Intelligently search schedules and reminders based on multiple search criteria.
reminders software Reminders : Set interactive reminders on schedules and associate reminders with various entities. Set reminders to recur at periodic time intervals.
time scheduling software Alerts : The list of your scheduled reminders sits quietly in your system tray and pops up timely visual reminders, eliminating the need to manually check reminders every time.

"Very nice work, developing Service Desktop Pro ... I really appreciate your handy work. When I found Service Desktop Pro, I downloaded the software to check out it's functionality and on the same day I registered. I also removed my existing software which cost twice as much, an immediately replaced it with Service Desktop Pro. As a startup computer service company, Service Desktop Pro really fits my needs perfectly. "

Terry Scott Eubanks, Onsite PC Rx
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