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Service Management Software

service management software

Need of service management software:

Pro-active and timely support to clients forms the basis of strong customer relationships leading to new business and happy clients. Clients can be very demanding and their expectations tend to grow with every level of support that you offer. Efficiently managing customer support is as important as procuring work and delivering it.

Customers can point out defects and bugs in delivered projects, they may ask for changes in the system or may present you with new additions. Managing multiple clients and their requests can be a tedious and difficult task if undertaken manually. This may lead to procrastination and eventual loosing of a valued client and tarnished reputation.

The process of providing customer support should initiate from receiving requests, evaluating the same, allocating the work to team members, finally executing the work and communicating the client of the completion of work. Also, pro-active detection of defects in projects and their status tracking and early resolution will lead to satisfied clients and ultimately to more work through referrals. To achieve this, an integrated service management software is highly desirable.

service management software functions:

Service Desktop pro’s service management software module comprehensively manages customer relations by keeping track of customer requests, their current status, allocation to team members, resolutions and communication to clients. You can keep track of project bugs and defects, project change requirements, project installation details and new additional requirements from clients seamlessly together.

Such activities can easily be allocated to team members, reminders can be set for timely action, history of past actions can be determined, current status of the problem and its resolution can be viewed, priorities can be attached to various actions and extensive reports can be generated on pending work based on priorities and time schedules.

Our service management software module enables you to process customer service requests efficiently and timely. Click the images below to enlarge.

Service Management Software Module Features:
bugs and defects management software Defects : Easily record bugs and defects reported by customers in your various projects. Allocate defects to projects, team members, assign priority and monitor past action taken on the defect. Attach documents to defects and clearly lay out actions to be taken upon the same.
change requests management software Change Requests : Record project change requests sent by clients, assign priority to requests, record estimated work required and assign the same to your team members. Impress your clients with your service management process.
installations management software Installations : Record project installation details for clients including invoice ID, serial numbers, installation date, keys and the person who did the installation. Ensure quality service management for your product purchase clients.
service management software Search : Pro-actively search bugs, defects, change requests and installations on multiple search criteria.

"Very nice work, developing Service Desktop Pro ... I really appreciate your handy work. When I found Service Desktop Pro, I downloaded the software to check out it's functionality and on the same day I registered. I also removed my existing software which cost twice as much, an immediately replaced it with Service Desktop Pro. As a startup computer service company, Service Desktop Pro really fits my needs perfectly. "

Terry Scott Eubanks, Onsite PC Rx
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